Secure Zoo Strategy

The concept of Secure Zoo was developed following along the lines of other “Secure” projects in the Beef, Milk, Poultry and Swine industries.  The Secure projects promote disease prevention (via biosecurity) and serve as a platform for discussing specific plans with animal health officials.  It is recognized that Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) response may potentially take months or years.  Whether an industry can recover from a disease event depends on many factors, but

preparedness planning may prevent the facility from being infected in the first place

If a Foreign Animal Disease does affect your facility, what does the term ‘recovery’ mean? Is it reasonable to expect that things will return to pre-event normality?  Will disease affect your collection planning, or business model?   Secure Zoo challenges a facility to consider changes that may be necessary short and long term after a disease event, to preserve business models.

The Secure Zoo project is still in development, but see the Secure Zoo Strategy website for more information on this important initiative.